Frances Duke Memorial (Grand Prix #3 - Nov. 12, 2016)

Check out the final results! Full results for all competitors can be found on AskFred. Top 10 finishers get points toward the season finale in May 2017. 

  1. Brinsfield, Jaxon (Redlands Fencing Center) A2016      
  2. Plaisance, Louis (Fayetteville Fencing Club)C2016      
  3. Wilson, Victor (Oklahoma Sport Fencing) B2014      
  4. Hicks, Randy (Tulsa Fencing Club) B2013      
  5. Nault, Richard (Wichita Fencing Academy Inc.) C2013      
  6. Ribaudo, David (Redlands Fencing Center) B2016      
  7. Willett, Addison (Redlands Fencing Center) C2016      
  8. Brus, Brian (Oklahoma Sport Fencing) C2016      
  9. Kernyansky, Steven (Tulsa Fencing Club) D2016      
  10. Wu, Ian (Oklahoma Sport Fencing) B2016