Max Heinzer coming to Oklahoma City! Feb. 24-25th!

Yes, one of the worlds greatest fencers is on his way to Oklahoma City and Redlands fencing Center! We are very excited and pleased to offer a clinic with one of the most exciting fencers in the world right now, Max Heinzer. Max is a Swiss Olympian and FIE top world ranked fencer. He will be doing sessions Friday and Saturday. Spaces are limited to sign up soon. 

More to come!

Frances Duke Memorial (Grand Prix #3 - Nov. 12, 2016)

Check out the final results! Full results for all competitors can be found on AskFred. Top 10 finishers get points toward the season finale in May 2017. 

  1. Brinsfield, Jaxon (Redlands Fencing Center) A2016      
  2. Plaisance, Louis (Fayetteville Fencing Club)C2016      
  3. Wilson, Victor (Oklahoma Sport Fencing) B2014      
  4. Hicks, Randy (Tulsa Fencing Club) B2013      
  5. Nault, Richard (Wichita Fencing Academy Inc.) C2013      
  6. Ribaudo, David (Redlands Fencing Center) B2016      
  7. Willett, Addison (Redlands Fencing Center) C2016      
  8. Brus, Brian (Oklahoma Sport Fencing) C2016      
  9. Kernyansky, Steven (Tulsa Fencing Club) D2016      
  10. Wu, Ian (Oklahoma Sport Fencing) B2016      

Redlands Grand Prix #2 & Oklahoma Division Team Foil Championship were a hit!

Wow! What a great weekend of epee and foil fencing! Results and pics from our tournaments Saturday and Sunday are below. A big thank you to all of our referee's in training from from our Referee Clinic this weekend. A special thank you to Jerry Benson for Bob Fiegel and Andy Mobley for their awesome support of the events!

Redlands Grand Prix #2 (10/15)

  • 1 Brinsfield, Jaxon REDLANDS FC (A16 Earned)
  • 2 Cottam, Bobby NWAFC / PFFC
  • 3 Willett, Addison REDLANDS FC / WFA (B16 Earned)
  • 3 Wu, Ian OSF (B16 Earned)
  • 5 Brus, Brian OSF
  • 6 Hicks, Terry REDLANDSFC / OSF
  • 7 Stone, Gregory OSF
  • 8 Welsch, Stuart NWAFC

Oklahoma Division Team Foil Championship (10/16)

  • 1 Team Redlands Fencing Center
  • 2 Team Arkansas Fencing Academy
  • 3 Team Oklahoma Sport Fencing

Friday Night Lights and League!

We launched our first Friday Night League event this last Friday! Thanks to all who came out and fenced, had pizza and watched a little Princess Bride with us. We had a great group and a lot of fun fencing. Also joining us Friday was Chip the Salle Dog. See if you can find the pic where Chip found Michael Gitthens cookie. :)  Our league challenge winner was Gracyn Githens with 5 bout wins. Fulls results to be added here shortly! Meanwhile...enjoy some pics!

Canes at Dusk!

We are launching a Veterans Class! In fairness it started with a birthday that ended in a cane duel. I've included some pics for your enjoyment. It has motivated us to set up a Friday Night Veterans class. You can call it your Friday Night Fight Club if you're are in denial about your status. Come join us for some, fencing and no kids! You get plenty of that at home. :)